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Presentations at the Societal Dimentions of Organised Crime Conference, Rome, 23-24 September 2015

  • Welcome address: Professor Rosaria Conte, Vice-President of the CNR’s Scientific Council, Rome, Italy
  • The evolution of Mafa organisations and the construction of a European law against organized crimeAntonio Balsamo, President of the Court of Assize of Caltanissetta, Italy
  • Typology of Extortion Racket Systems: David Anzola, University of Surrey, UK
  • An Experiment on the Formation and Maintenance of an Intimidating Reputation by Extortion Racket Systems: Áron Székely, Giulia Andrighetto, Luca Tummolini & Rosaria Conte, Institute of Cognitive Science and Technology, National Research Council, Rome, Italy
  • The embeddedness of organised crime and the inters of interventionVanessa Dirksen, Toon Abcouwer & Ron Boelsma, Netherlands Police Agency; Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Understanding Organised Crime Online:  David S. Wall, Professor of Criminology in the Centre for Criminal Justice studies, School of Law, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
  • The Societal Dimensions of Rome’s Loan Sharking SectorIsabella Clough Marinaro, John Cabot University, Italy
  • Bringing computation into criminal investigation. A document-enhancement and network analysis toolNicola Lettieri, Delfna Malandrino & Luca Vicidomini, ISFOL/University of Sannio, Italy